Less than one year ago, Tracy Wesley the CEO of Estes Funeral Chapel in Minneapolis buried George Floyd’s body in front of the world.

George Floyd was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin on May 24, 2020 all caught on camera. Today, Derek Chauvin is in a maximum-security prison in Minnesota, waiting for his sentencing after being convicted on multiple charges including murder.

"I hope that it will be the catalyst for more charges of accountability," said Tracy Wesley. CEO of Estes Funeral Chapel to Erie News Now on Wednesday.

Just days before this conviction, another fatal police happened shooting in Minneapolis. 20-year-old Daunte Wright died during a traffic stop.

"The Daunte Wright incident is probably 10 minutes from where I live. Why does the use of deadly force continue to happen with us?” said Tracey Wesley.

For the second time in a row Tracy Wesley will bury another black man killed by police in the city he calls home. Today it's Daunte Wright, and he hopes it ends here.

"We're not going to stay silent about this," said Tracey Wesley.

Wesley is working with the Wright family for a public open viewing. Shortly after, the family will continue funeral services at Estes Chapel.