Who doesn't love an adorable furry friend? Dog and cat adoptions have soared during quarantine and it's still happening at the Erie Humane Society.

"We were fortunate from March of 2020 to May, present day, 2021. We've adopted 1,601 dogs to the public here in Erie," said Nicole Leone, Executive Director of the Erie Humane Society, on Monday.

Not every animal shelter is having the same luck. We spoke with Ruth Thompson, the founder of the Anna Shelter who says animal adoptions are slowing down, and in some cases people are returning adopted pets.

"We have seen some people bringing pets back in. Maybe they bought a dog or whatever and now that their lifestyle is going back to “normal,” the animal just doesn't fit into their lifestyle. So unfortunately yeah we do see that," said Ruth Thompson, Founder of the Anna Shelter.

This Memorial Day Pennsylvania is scheduled to fully reopen, which could push this trend to continue further. But not all hope is lost, there are still people like Julia Lorei looking to adopt a new forever friend, like her brand new cat that she adopted today.

“I think it's time for other people to step up and adopt a forever friend," said Julia Lorei, customer.

To contact the Erie Humane Society, call: (814) 835-8331

To contact the Anna Shelter call: (814) 451-0230