Kara Wasser's five-year-old niece is the reason behind her growing technology business.

And it's all because she missed her birth as a result of a miscommunication. 

"So, at that time, I started searching for a mobile app that would connect families during pregnancies, births and other health events," said Wasser. "That didn't exist. That's when I set out to create one."

Enter in: OhanaLink Technologies.

Ohana means family, which is appropriate because the app connects family and friends.

The start of OhanaLink Technologies would not have been able to happen if it wasn't for the help of Ben Franklin Technology Partners, located at Knowledge Park on the campus of Penn State Behrend.

Kara met Brian Slawin in 2017 when she applied for a business-centered contest.

Slawin is the regional director of Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

"What we saw was the kernel of a really interesting idea, in a really big market, with a really driven woman entrepreneur," said Slawin. 

Through a variety of funding, thoughts can be fostered into a reality.

"We thought we were building a product for families to connect through health-related events and then we finally had that 'a-ha' moment of people coming to us over and over again, saying, 'I need this solution for something else,' we realized how diverse it was." 

Some Pennsylvania doctors and hospitals are already using it. But what exactly is OhanaLink?

It's a virtual waiting room.

People can pay to start one, invite others for free and update them on what life event is happening.

Privacy is big, too.

"When I missed the delivery of my niece, I was added to a bunch of group texts," said Wasser. "I didn't know who I was talking to because I didn't have their numbers saved in my phone." 

There's a planner to view patient appointments.

The app also allows for people to send 99 cent e-cards and flowers, in addition to actual gift cards.

It also provides resources like articles and other health-related information.

"The support that the client needs - and the support that the family and friends want to give - can all happen right within the app," said Wasser.

The app is available for download through Apple's App Store or Google Play.

A link is also on the business's website: OhanaLink.tech.