One day a year the Warren community has shown out and donated for the last eight years. It's called Warren Gives, and it's put on by the community foundation over in Warren County. The goal is to raise money for local nonprofits. During the last challenging year, these foundations are depending on donations from the community to keep their programs going.

"A lot of these organizations rely on in person events to raise these funds, turkey parties, things like that, which were not held in 2020. It was a real opportunity for them to raise a lot of money through Warren gives," says John Lasher, the Executive Director of the Community Foundation. 

Over $600,000 was raised last year, and over three million in total since 2013.  All of the donations you make goes directly toward the organization of your choosing. Lasher tells Erie News Now that since the pandemic these organizations need the help more than ever. 

"This is a way for them to have the money to operate. All the local volunteer fire departments are a part of Warren Gives, and obviously they're all strapped for cash and volunteers. At least Warren Gives helps them raise the money they need," says Lasher. 

As for a 2021 Warren Gives goal this year, Lasher isn't putting a dollar amount to the day. 

"We're always hoping it'll be bigger and better than last year, but we're just out there to help people understand how to donate and make it easy," says Lasher. 

The virtual event last from 6 am to 10 pm on May 19th. You're able to go straight to, hit the big red "donate now" button to make a contribution. A minimum of ten dollars is needed in order to donate. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to whatever organization you chose to support, with local sponsors making up to 60,000 dollars in donations.