Bonded Services Vice President Eric Nyberg is in need of additional workers.

"We could hire 30 people tomorrow, and fill those positions easily,” said Nyberg. “But we're making do with what we have."

Nyberg and many other businesses throughout Pennsylvania, could see a surge in applications.

On July 18, the state will resume its work search requirement for those seeking unemployment.

"We're at an all-time high,” said Career Concepts President Marc Turner. “We have over 800 jobs open. We've never seen anything like it."

Job placement agencies like Career Concepts are now bracing for a potential spike in calls.

Turner says the requirement has both pros and cons.

"It's a step in the right direction,” said Turner. “Unfortunately, I don't think it really addresses the real problem, which is that people can really make more than not working then they can in many places."

In July, people receiving unemployment compensation must apply for two jobs and participate in one work search activity each week.

NWPA Job Connect Executive Director Janet Anderson says many businesses are offering incentives to attract new employees.

"Employers are becoming very creative, as they attract new workers and even retain their existing workforce,” said Anderson. “They've become extremely creative. It's a simple supply and demand."

Meanwhile, PA Rep. Pat Harkins says it's time for lawmakers to reevaluate the unemployment system and address minimum wage.

"Set the system up so it's not going to fail going forward,” said Harkins. “At the same time, help these small businesses out if we can with finding them the right employees."

Employers like Nyberg, remain cautiously optimistic.

“I hope it opens up the door for more applicants to come in to fill some of these positions that we have open, and get people back to work and be able to service the amount of customers that want work.” said Nyberg.