We're only human and sometimes we may lose our patience while we're in line at a fast food restaurant, either inside or outside.  But, last April, at the McDonald's in Edinboro, one person took things a little too far.

"We responded and found that one of the menu boards at the drive-thru was damaged,” said Cpl. Todd Eaglen, Edinboro Police Department.   

Who would do such a thing and why?  The damage occurred at 1 a.m. when the restaurant was closed. Police say the vandal apparently traveled up to the drive-thru believing it was open.  When no one responded on the speaker, the disappointed customer became angry and punched the menu board and then threw a large ice pick into the board.  The damage totaled $8,921.  Edinboro Police made the case a priority.

"Criminal mischief with the money amount here,” says Eaglen. “It becomes a felony count.  Very serious."

A restaurant chain like McDonald's naturally has video cameras surrounding it's property.  Police obtained the video and showed a picture of the suspect around the community.  Several people identified him as Artie Fuller, of Corry.  It took almost a month to find him, but police arrested Fuller and placed him in the county prison. He spent 25 days behind bars before his preliminary hearing last week.  Fuller was shocked when he was picked up.  He had no recollection of committing the vandalism.  He couldn't remember a thing.  The arresting officer described Fuller as "a nice kid" who made a mistake. Artie's friends protested his imprisonment on the Edinboro Police Facebook Page.

"We're not sure of his motivation or state of mind at the time he committed the crime,” says Eaglen.  

Fuller did not see the security video from the restaurant until the day of his preliminary hearing. Only then did he realize he might be guilty.  Fuller agreed to pay for damages in exchange for a lesser charge. This "whodunit" mystery is now solved.