Two construction workers on the job in Conneaut Lake came to the rescue of a family's dog and home when a nearby fire broke out Wednesday, according to their employer Mammoth Restoration.

Carpenters Randy Beerbower and Matt Lindy were working three houses away on Konneyaut Trail Rd. when they noticed fire and smoke coming from a house, the company said.

Both ran to the house and found it was locked and filling with smoke. They also discovered the family's 12-year-old, mini goldendoodle Bella in distress at the backdoor.

Beerbower jumped through the window to retrieve the dog, who was safely turned over to a neighbor. Lindy called 911.

The pair then checked the house for anyone else inside, but no one was home. They found flames shooting out of an upstairs bedroom, and Beerbower removed mineral spirits he spotted on the steps from the home, which could have made the fire worse.

Firefighters arrived minutes later.