Fit Plus is a new boutique-style fitness experience in Erie County.

It's located at 2421 Asbury Rd. in Millcreek Township and brings a unique workout feel to the area.

Fit Plus offers three different programs - Move Fit, Spin Fit and Live Fit. Each class is 45 minutes to an hour and built around circuit training.

"My goal when teaching it to keep everyone motivated but directing them at the same time," said Sam Skraba, workout director.

The classes helped Jeff Szumigale, 65, drop nearly 18 pounds.

"I hadn't worked out for a while, and this kind of offered me everything I was looking for," said Szumigale. "Strength training, cardiovascular fitness, a great vibe and instruction."

Each membership comes with a heart rate monitor, which gives real-time results.

Classes are capped at 15 people and formed after the fast-growing studio concept Orange Theory Fitness.

More information is available here.