Erie County has a lot of landmarks. However, the one that probably has the most eyes on it every day is a military jet from the Korean War era.   It's located in a cemetery just a stone's throw away from Interstate 90 in Summit Township.  Thousands of motorists on I-90 can't help but see it as they pass by. The jet, a F-94 Starfire, has been on display at Erie County Memorial Gardens since 1959.      

Joe Monaco is the Family Services Director at the cemetery.  He knows more than anyone about people's fascination with the plane. 

"People stop along here and take pictures if it,” Monaco says.  “I see cars stop here all the time.  They'll call me up and they'll go, 'We're on Interstate 90 and we saw the jet and we would like to come and see it.  How do we get to it?" 

Monaco says people who were in the Korean War come to the cemetery with their grandchildren to see the plane. 

"There ain't a month that goes by that I haven't had 2 to 3 phone calls about the plane," he said.

Some callers have special requests after driving by the jet time after time.  A commercial airline pilot from Buffalo contacted the cemetery saying he had been meaning to call for 26 years.  He just wanted to say the front wheel of the plane was crooked.

"I said that is a very weird story but we will get it straightened out for you and we did straighten it out for him,” said Monaco.   

Some of the requests are a little spooky. After all, the plane is in a cemetery.

"I've had several people, including women, that have said 'I want to be buried in the cockpit on the front of that.’  I said that ain't going to happen.” said Monaco.

The cemetery does not own the plane. It's owned by Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.  Unfortunately, the jet is in need of a new paint job.  VFW Post 470 in Erie is the official sponsor of the plane. The post wants to do repairs but, according to the commander, it needs to find a crew chief authorized by the Air Force.  One cannot be found.

For those who love the aircraft, that's a shame.