Democrats in the U.S. House are scrambling to put together a deal, to once again extend the eviction moratorium.

As of Friday afternoon, it's set to expire Saturday night.

The moratorium was put in place during the pandemic to protect renters from being evicted from their homes.

If you are currently behind on your bills, you can apply for funding from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

The money is given to landlords to cover the cost of rent and utilities.

In Erie County, nearly $8.3 million has been paid out to 1,600 households.

According to Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper, there is still $9.4 million left in assistance.

On top of that, Dahlkemper says the county is expected to receive an additional $12 million for the program.

"I believe the federal government has done what they can to try and assist people to stay in their homes and keep them from being evicted,” said Dahlkemper. “I can tell you we have a lot of funding here in Erie County to do that and we're getting that money out into people's hands."

The funds are distributed through Erie County Care Management.

You can apply here.