"Today remote life is the trend, right?," said Jenny Poff. "But I've been doing that since 2007."

That's how long Poff has owned her own marketing business. 

The Erie native who originally founded Presque Isle Designs rebranded herself during the COVID-19 pandemic to Agency Jen.

The buzz word branding is part of her reach to other business owners and their team.

"I help them get everybody together and orchestrate them, so they're all brand consistent," said Poff. "We're all focused on the same goals. Everybody's performing at their top."

Poff is interested in the data.

"How are your revenue numbers working?," said Poff. "How is your team capacity working? That helps us how the website is working, how is social working, etcetera."

She works for the short- or long-term and helps with special projects or goals.

Hoffman United is one of the 25 clients that Agency Jen works with.

Paul Hoffman, president of Hoffman United, actually started working with Poff when he started the business in high school.

"Back in 2016, we grew from a landscaping and construction business into doing real estate development," said Hoffman.

The company has branched outside the Erie area and has a number of subsidiaries.

"Jen has done a really good job orchestrating the services she offers to expand out network, including EBCO Park and our investor groups that we have."

It is one example of marketing paying off.

"Jen's helping us grow our network within a 500 mile radius of Erie, looking to target larger metropolitan areas and continue to grow our business, brands."

It's branding that helps clients and her own all-inclusive company.

"The business is on pace to double what I did last year in business," said Poff. "There's a demand for smart marketing."

It has led to both local and national jobs for the Erie business owner.

Poff is looking to hire about four more people for her team.

More information on Agency Jen is available here.