JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Rebels Hockey play their first home game this weekend at the Northwest Savings Bank Ice Arena, following a victory at an away game last week.

Jamestown Rebels’ head coach Joe Coombs has high hopes with the team, consisting of all new players.

“We got a whole new group. We have no veteran players so it’s a brand new group with very little experience, so it’s a challenge, but things are going well,” explained Coombs. “It’s just there’s a lot of details in what we’re doing and it takes time, so far so good, got off to a three and one start and had a good week of practice here. Just doing the same here right now and getting ready for an opener tonight.”

After being away for a year due to the pandemic the hockey team is excited to get back onto the ice.

“It feels wonderful to be back to work, I mean sitting on your butt there the last year not participating in what we’ve always done or what I’ve always done and as matter of fact me not working was terrible, so I couldn’t be happier with being back,” said Coombs

The rebels are in the east division of the North American Hockey League and the season will last until at least April 15.

“In a perfect world we will end right around the fifteenth of May, but our last regular season game is the fifteenth of April,” explained Coombs. “Then we have playoffs, and so it’s the middle of May before a champion is crowned.”

The Rebels play tonight at 7 p.m. followed by a Saturday night game at the same time. Ticket prices are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and military, and $6 for children.