There is a place in Erie County that has the capacity to create nearly fur million pies per year. The company where it happens also provides products for some of the largest retailers in the country, including local stores, too. 

Monty Pooley, the President and CEO of JTM Foods, LLC says, "We are the largest producers of these products in the world." 

They are hand held snack pies. 

The business is situated on Erie's Eastside and has a remarkable reach. 

Its brand name is JJ's Bakery. It originally started in 1986 as a cake and cupcake producer. 

Now, it's all about snack pies and rice krispy treats, both made in the same building. 

Pooley says, "Whether you go into a Walmart or you go into a Dollar General or you go into any one of a number of grocers like Tops, you're gonna see JJ's product and you also will likely see product that we manufacture for those customers under some of their own brand names."

Depending upon the season there's between 35 to 40 different varieties produced right here at JTM . Its a nut free facility, and a kosher facility.

At any time, several different pie flavors are being produced on the updated production floor, where everything from the pie fillings and the dough is made. 

The CEO says anyone looking to get into the snack pie-making business, can apply on the website

Hiring is done year round.