Visitors to Presque Isle Downs Casino can play a lot of different games. Craps.  Black Jack.  Slots. They also can play Tic Tac Toe against a live chicken.

Lucky is the name of the fowl competitor. Lucky and other trained chickens have been coming to Presque Isle Downs Casino for quite some time.  Jennifer See, Director of Marketing, says the casino was looking bring in something new and different nine years ago.

"We found this out of Arkansas,” she said.  “The owner basically trains these chickens and takes them all across the country.  It is a lot of fun.  It's definitely a unique novelty.  Everybody wants to see if they aren't smarter than a chicken.”

Lucky waits patiently for her opponent to make a move then she quickly executes her strategy.  Sometimes the chicken wins. Sometimes she loses.  Sometimes it's a tie.

"Actually there are more people that lose than you would think.  But honestly, they have a good time with it. I think it's because they get so distracted because they're watching the chicken more than they are watching the screen,” says See.

Kay Shilling, of Conneaut Lake, challenged Lucky and admitted she did not have 100% confidence in a victory.

“I want to win,” she laughed.  

Kay went on the offensive early to see if the chicken would actually block her move.  It did. However, it was Kay who eventually forgot to block. She lost the game.

Anyone can play Lucky after they earn 500 points on their Players Card.  Even those who lose to the chicken get $5 in free play. 

The casino loves when Lucky makes an appearance. She's treated like a star.

"This chicken is in pretty good shape,” says See.  “Air conditioned all day.  Plenty of food, water, a lot of love. Definitely a happy, happy chicken."