Angela McNair spends her days helping children read and encouraging them to play indoors and stay active outside.

"During the day, we have our preschool program," said McNair. "We offer curricular - creative learning curriculum."

McNair started Jumpstart Early Learning in Erie, which offers childcare for kids 6 weeks to 12 years.

"We also offer after-school care and transportation from school to child care," said McNair.

Jumpstart Early Learning has been inside the Booker T. Washington Center ever since it started six years ago.

There were three rooms at the center. Due to COVID-19, it's now down to just one room.

"The bulk of our kids right now are after-school program children," said McNair. "They do homework. There are tutors here that help them. There's a computer lab they can go in and use as well."

McNair said all staff has to go through background checks and have a focus on educating the young.

She said the reward of rearing the children is priceless, and she has seen this group of kids grow since they were born.

"That's one thing that I can appreciate about this work," said McNair. "Making sure the kids are prepared for school, for life in general, and for providing them a safe, clean and fun place to be at when they're away at home."

There are both openings for more students, and staff. Anyone interested is asked to call the Booker T. Washington Center at (814) 453-5744 or stop in at 1720 Holland Street in Erie.