The City of Titusville has so much to offer. There's a lot of history.  Now, you can learn all about it while riding a Segway.

A Segway is a high-tech scooter on which you can breeze around Titusville at a speed of up to 12 miles an hour. A new rider can get the hang of it in only a few minutes.  Don't worry about tipping over.  The machine does practically all the work. 

"They are extremely easy to ride,” says Sam Logsdon, the co-owner of Titusville Seg Tours. “The Segway is basically a laptop with wheels on it.  It's making 100 corrections a second to keep you upright.”

Logsdon and his wife opened Titusville Seg Tours in June.  Their oldest customer on record so far is 84 years old. Logsdon says the town draws thousands of people every year who ride the O.C. & T Railroad to learn about the city's oil boom history. He wants to give those tourists an additional thing to do in Titusville and a reason for them to perhaps spend more than one day in town.

"There's just a bunch of just great, interesting stories that are just dying to be told and we're just trying to show that history of the town,” Logsdon said.

During the tour, you hear stories about Titusville legends. Logsdon adds little tidbits about those legends that you may have not heard before.  Those legends include Investigative Journalist Ida Tarbell, and Colonel Edwin Drake, who drilled the first successful oil well.

"The term 'Colonel' was an assumed name to give him more respect, to command more respect in the area," says Logsdon.

Titusville Seg Tours also offers nighttime rides during this Halloween season.  It's called the 'Murders and Mayhem' tour which includes the story of a daring bank robbery and shootout on Titusville streets that ended in a public hanging. 

Yes, Titusville has a lot of offer.  Logsdon not only shows visitors the city's historic sites but also shows off the current economic renaissance of the community.  Tours include an old factory that was turned into a brew pub and nightclub.   It’s called the Titusville Iron Works.

"This is a quaint little town and I love it.  I want to share that history of our town with everyone who wants to hear it," he said

Logsdon and his wife plan to offer Segway tours of Christmas light displays after the Thanksgiving holiday, weather permitting. The cost of the Segway tours range from $25 on weekdays, $35 at night, to $45 on the weekend.