For Donna Battle, the Meals on Wheels Erie program has been a blessing.

"It's helped me out a great deal,” said Battle. “I don't have to cook and it makes things so convenient.”

Battle is one of 150 people who rely on the food delivery service, every day.

“This program really helps out,” said Battle. “People who are sick and can’t get up, it’s just wonderful to have this program.”

Volunteers like Larry Neubauer help make the program possible.

"I retired from Saint George School and I wanted to do something to help the community out,” said Neubauer. “This seemed to be a good fit for me."

Over the past four years, Neubauer has donated his time---rain or shine---to ensure that members of our community are fed.

Along with delivering food, Neubauer and the other 160 volunteers provide another valuable service, by checking on each client's well-being.

"It's a great feeling helping the people in the community,” said Neubauer. “I would encourage anybody who has a couple extra hours during the day and volunteer."

With winter approaching, the program is in need of additional help.

"Right now, we are especially looking for volunteers because a lot of our volunteers are snow birds and they are flying south for the winter,” said Meals on Wheels Erie Executive Director Wendy Wallace. “Migration has started, so we're always looking for new people to help us out with our mission.”

While clients change from month to month, the numbers stay the same.

"A lot of new clients started during the pandemic,” said Wallace. “They found out they like our services and are staying on with us. A lot of grocery shopping clients found out how easy it is and what a great system it is to get groceries delivered to their doorsteps."

In its half century of existence, Meals on Wheels Erie has not missed a single day of delivery.

More information on the program is available here.

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