It's starting to feel a lot like winter and many people are moving their activities indoors.   Bowling lanes in Erie are now teeming with people.  Many of them are senior citizens and they show up each and every week.

Thursday is the day the senior citizen leagues take over Eastway Lanes in Harborcreek. It's not just bowlers in their 60s and 70s who are aiming at the pins.  There's men and women in their 80s and 90s.

Dotty Smith is 95 years old and bowls on a team called The Power Chicks.

"I worked at General Nutrition for 30 years.  So I take my vitamins and keep busy," she said.

Marion Fuller is 91 years old and still puts a nice zip on the ball. Marion is always happy to come to Eastway Lanes and roll her three games on league day.

"Getting out.  Meeting people.  It gives me something to do every week too. Other than housework,” she said.

Marion has an average of 145 pins a game but struggled to make a strike this week.  Charlie McCracken, a fellow senior bowler, says Marion and the other 90 year olds usually come through for their teams.

"Marion, she's had over 200 several times.  There's some really good scores they shoot.  Not all the time, but now and then,” he said.

John Abbate is 91 years old.  He rolled a tenth frame strike for his team.

“Pure luck”, he said. "It's a perfect pasttime.  It's a cheap exercise. I'm with a great bunch of people and I'm very blessed just to be here."

It's a fun atmosphere.  Ed Czernek just can't stay away.  He's 96 and hung up his bowling shoes last year.  He still comes to the lanes on senior league day. Just to watch.