Erie's animal shelters are filling up fast as the weather gets colder.

The Erie Humane Society has so many cats, it is no longer accepting any cat intakes.

The ANNA Shelter is also reaching its limits, and a recent rescue had the owner calling in extra help.

Director Ruth Thompson said ANNA had about 100 cats at the shelter before state troopers called this weekend looking for help.

They discovered 31 cats abandoned inside a trailer. Most of them hungry and full of parasites, but several dead cats were also found, according to Thompson.

While the ANNA Shelter barely had room to house all the rescued cats, Thompson was able to use her connections to get all the cats taken care of despite most local shelters being full to capacity.

"Just like every shelter - all across the country probably, definitely here in Erie - we are all full," said Thompson. "This is the time. As much as our efforts go into TNR and spay and neuter, we are all full."

While the Humane Society is no accepting any new cat intakes, it said there are things you can do to keep free roaming cats warm this winter.