The vice president of Erie City Council wants the city to use millions of dollars from the American Rescue Plan to transform Rodger Young Park.

Erie City Councilman Michael Keys is asking city council to use $2 million in ARP funds to upgrade the park.

Some of the improvements Keys would like to see include a new track and field area, new turf for the soccer and football field, a new indoor sports facility, and improvements to the park's pool.

Keys proposal was brought before city council last week, but it was tabled.

Despite the setback, Keys hopes to see the project move forward.

"I'm hoping that it's revived,” said Keys. “It's tabled. It's not dead and I hope it's going to be revived. I'm going to supply more data and so that hopefully we can get the coalition back together in order to pass this."

At this point, Mayor Joe Schember says he opposes the proposal.

"I think we have about five million dollars we've tentatively budgeted to be used in parks,” said Mayor Schember. “To put all of it into one park is a lot, plus we haven't really gotten a detailed explanation of exactly what's going to happen there. We want to know all the details before we implement anything.”

Some council members also shared Mayor Schember’s concern, saying they need more details before voting on any potential upgrades.

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