Axe throwing has been growing in popularity in this area.  A couple of businesses offering the activity have been going strong since COVID restrictions were lifted. And now, the Meadville area is hopping on the bandwagon.  So, what's the big deal about throwing an axe?

The Movies at Meadville gutted one of the ten theaters inside its complex.  Manager Paul McNulty built an axe throwing arena in its place.  Opening night is scheduled for this coming Friday.  These days, watching a movie on a night out is just not enough for some folks.

"Movie theaters after awhile end up becoming old.  We don't want to become old.  We want to become an entertainment factory here in Meadville.  We've always done a lot of community events and stuff, so this is another thing that we're bringing to Meadville.” McNulty said.

The new venue is called Minnesota Axe at Meadville. 

"We have a couple of theaters over in Minnesota that are like sister theaters.  We put these in a few years ago, about three and a half years ago.  The popularity has become crazy over there,” says McNulty.

Participants are asked to make a two-hour reservation with a minimum of four people throwing the axe.  Trained employees, called Axe Masters teach you how to throw safely and they stay with you during your entire experience.

"You're not just coming in and throwing axes for 20 minutes and getting bored,” says McNulty.  “They (axe masters) are going to put you through some games and tournaments.  Two hours will go quicker than you think.  It is really fun."

The Movies at Meadville is also installing a kitchen to sell pizza and other food to the axe throwers.

"When you're done, you'll be able to take pictures. We're going to have you even sign the boards up front and the tournament winners will even sign special boards on the bottom.  So, the only people that can sign on the bottom would be the tournament winners of your group,” says McNulty.

The venue is offering free 30-minute axe throwing sessions on Thursday of this week to promote the new business.  The sessions will be held from 5 to 8 p.m.