The tiny borough of Elgin is located in Eastern Erie County. It's situated at the intersection of two busy highways, Route 6 and Route 89. A lot of people probably drive through town without even thinking about stopping.  But maybe they should.  Elgin is a place where you will find one of the most talented chainsaw artists in the world.
Scott Dow creates his works of art inside his shop located on Route 6 just down the road from the intersection.  He's currently working on special orders for Christmas.   Outside of his workshop is a gallery where finished works of art are on display for customers. One part of the gallery displays wildlife carvings such as bears and owls.  The other part is where he displays what he calls his "artsy" work. Things such as cityscapes and castles.  It's the wildlife that are the best sellers.

"Eagles, bears, owls, wolves, in that order are my top things,” says Scott.  “I do a lot of custom work.  I've done buffaloes being close to Buffalo.  I've probably done a half dozen to a dozen buffaloes."

Scott designed furniture for 18 years after graduating from art school. He started chainsaw carving after he saw some artist friends making money at it.

"I saw these guys making a little money and making really cool stuff and I thought maybe I can do that too,” he said.

Scott quit his job 12 years ago and opened the Animalistic Chainsaw Carving Studio and Gallery in Elgin.  He calls it the perfect town and perfect location to be a chainsaw artist.

"I've got beautiful landscape around me.  Lots of pine trees, which is mostly what I carve. The traffic, especially summer through October when the leaves are beautiful and into Christmas, is really great on Route 6."

Examples of Scott's larger works of art are outside the shop and can be seen from the highway.  There is an eagle, a dragon, even some zombies. The large carvings catch the attention of a lot of motorists.  Sometimes Scott will carve near the road, inviting people to watch him work.  After all, his spot in Elgin is a perfect location.

Scott's prices range from $50 to $5,000.  In 2012, he represented the United States on a team that won the World Sculpting Championship in Germany.