There's a ten-year plan underway in one Erie County community. It's being done by Impact Corry. The organization was started in the year 2000, but had a re-organization in 2019.

That's when a Warren. PA native who has worked in several bigger cities around the nation, took over, to help enhance the community for more people to shop, enjoy, and live.

Impact Corry is described as a community development hub. 
Charles Eurydice Gray is the one, full-time staff member. She showed us the ambitious goals being worked on, over a 10 year time frame.
There's five of them, from public spaces, revitalizing neighborhoods and housing, ramping up connectivity, activating the city center, and strengthening Corry's balance sheet.

Gray says the the biggest impact of Impact Corry is that anyone can participate. 
She says, "Anyone can walk thru our door and say I wanna do something in our community and we're gonna find a way to help them and when people are empowered about their community, and they feel pride in their community, then that community will rise." 

There's more than 40 volunteers, a 16 member board along with local and national funding received for the projects Impact Corry is working on now, and into the years to come.