The General McLane teacher who made controversial online comments over the weekend has sent an apology letter to the school district's superintendent, Erie News Now learned Wednesday.

The letter addressed to superintendent Dr. Matthew Lane and obtained by Erie News Now said:

"Please know that I am deeply sorry for the statement I recently made on social media.

I take full responsibility for my post which did not express what I intended. I very much regret that. Please be assured that I will not make statements like this again.

It is a privilege to teach in the General McLane School District, and I am mindful of the example teachers like me should set for our students. I will endeavor to set the best possible example and choose my words more carefully in the future."

The high school faculty member removed the post Sunday morning but has been off the job since the comment went viral.

School board members and the superintendent are expected to discuss the comments during executive session at a meeting Wednesday evening.