It’s always a thrill for a news outlet to get an exclusive interview with a famous international figure. The Last Word was lucky to get an interview with Santa Claus as he helped the Police Athletic League deliver presents to children at the Boys and Girls Club of Erie.  It was amazing.  Santa looked a lot like Erie Mayor Joe Schember. The interview went as follows….

The Last Word: “Why is it so special to be here at the Boys and Girls Club today?”

Santa: “Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!  This is the best day of my life. It's incredible compared to what I do the rest of the year. I just love this.  Meet with all the kids.  Seeing them. They're the future of Erie. I love being with them."

The Last Word: “It's not just the Boys and Girls Club where you take time out of his schedule to visit.  You’re also known to visit the children at the Barber National Institute every Christmas season, right?

Santa: “That place is very important.  They've helped children of mine have better lives.  They've helped a lot of children in Erie have better lives. I'd do anything I could to help the Barber Center for sure."

The Last Word: “Santa why do you do this?  You're the big boss. You could just stay inside your office at the North Pole all day and let your elves do the work.  Besides, it's cold out here.”

Santa: "Because this is the most important thing a Santa could do.  Meet with kids.  Let them shake hands with him. Get pictures with me.  It's so much fun I can hardly stand it. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

The Last Word:   “So Santa, we know you love Erie. What's your Christmas message for the city this year?”

Santa: "A Christmas message is Erie is a great place, but we can make it much better if we all work together, believe in each other and make it happen.  Please do that in the next year here in Erie."

The Last Word: “Okay Santa. We'll do our best.  By the way sir...Merry Christmas!”

Santa: "Merry Christmas!  Ho! Ho! Ho!"