It was the final weekend of free soccer clinics at the Erie Sports Center Sports Dome.

For the past several weekends, every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until noon, children ages six to sixteen could learn different soccer skills.

Each weekend they've had about 300 kids participate and during Saturday's clinic there was 420 kids learning the game of soccer.

There were soccer coaches and college athletes mentoring the young kids learning to play the game.

They practiced drills, kicking and scoring goals. The goals of the free soccer clinics is to give children an opportunity to learn soccer in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Troy Bingham, the co-owner of the Erie Sports Center said, "We will be doing all of this in the summer time for kids to come up here and play in the in-house leagues take apart in the in-house skills clinics and really make this home for junior soccer in the Erie area." 

Four children will also be selected to get a free scholarship and play on a travel soccer team.

They plan to have more of these clinics in the future as well.

Saturday also marked the debut of their mascot Sporty.