Local residents may already know this, but Erie Pennsylvania is not the only community in the United States with the name Erie.  For example, there's Erie Colorado. The people in that town also have to prepare for winter storms.  KUSA-TV in Denver recently broadcast a story about how people in Erie, Colorado prepare.

"If you live in Erie and you want to know if a storm is coming, no need to turn on the news or check your weather app. Watch the bananas,” reported KUSA 9news Anchor Kyle Clark.

The KUSA story revealed that when a storm approaches Erie, Colorado, residents do not necessarily make a run on bottled water or toilet paper.  The number one item on their shopping lists is bananas.  Bananas quickly fly off the shelves.      

So, is the situation any different in Erie, Pennsylvania when a storm is approaching?  Erie News Now went to Tops Market on West 38th and Liberty Streets on Thursday morning with snow in the forecast for Friday.  There were plenty of bananas on the shelves.  But, Manager Dave Shean said those shelves would be bare by mid-afternoon.  He says at his store in Erie Pennsylvania, bananas are indeed the number one item in which people stock up before a storm.

"Actually, we're going to get some bananas from our neighbor store. We have a truck coming in so we are anticipating an increase in our business for bananas.  So yeah, we're prepared for it,” said Shean.

October Ann Falbo came to the Tops on 38th and Liberty after checking out the banana supply at another Tops location.

"West 26th Street.  They're completely empty and they're not getting any more until late this afternoon," she said.

Debbie Dillon came to Tops after hearing the forecast.  She came to stock up on many items.  However, she is not like many others in Erie Pennsylvania and Erie Colorado who head straight for the bananas.

”That's not a priority for me,” she laughed.

Erie, Colorado is a town of about 30,000 people located 25 miles north of Denver.  It was named in 1874 by an early settler, Reverend Richard Van Valkenberg, who came to Colorado from Erie, Pennsylvania.