From photography to video projects, an Erie business owner is capturing people, places and moments across the region.

Rob Frank has grown his company from just himself more than 15 years ago into a thriving business.

"What I really enjoy about working here is that there is a lot of versatility," said Megan Ciafre.

Ciafre is the lead editor at R. Frank Media in Erie. She and Frank work side-by-side inside a fairly new location at 1940 W. 8th St.

They moved into the space in 2019 and celebrated its grand opening in 2021.

"We bring people here a lot where we used to always go on location," said Frank. "Now, we can do both. We have the flexibility."

The business now has a studio and can produce up to an eight camera shoot using a portable piece of equipment.

R. Frank Media started from Frank's home and focused on family photography and wedding portraits. It has since expanded.

"We still do a lot of corporate photography, we still shoot a lot of weddings, but we focus a lot on corporate video - a lot of higher education video, food photography, food video, things like that," said Frank.

There's now a focus on efficiency.

"Before, we were carrying 13 or 14 cases in, setting them up and taking up a large footprint of a space in an area," said Frank. "Now we're just rolling in, setting up, and packing it all back on the carts and rolling it out."

It gets rolled out of a grip truck, complete with stands, lights and modifiers - a so-called studio on wheels. The projects all come back to the editing area.

Frank is also an adjunct lecturer at Penn State Behrend. He said he hopes to provide other opportunities like internships to students also interested in film, digital media and photography.