The snow from earlier this week is still on the ground. The weekend is here. It's a great time to head for the hills and go sledding. That's what Erie News Now’s John Last did for his Friday edition of ‘The Last Word.’

Finding the hills was no problem. That work was already done by the web site Macaroni Kid Erie. It asked its readers to reveal their favorite sledding spots in Erie County. At the top of the list is Frontier Park in the City of Erie. When you slide down that hill you can't help but thinking about the generations of people that have gone down the slope over the past many years.

Another stop is Penn State Behrend. There's a long hill behind the science complex where students like to go. Hayden Miskow, a third year student, says the hill is very popular.

"You'll see students use the handrails as ramps and they'll go down the hill with skis and snow boards and sleds." she said.

As of Wednesday, not many students had a chance to get out and pack down the snow. It took many attempts to get a sled going.

In West County, at Albion Borough Park, a group from the Northwestern Community Youth Center scaled a steep hill with a saucer and a toboggan. They also struggled to get a nice ride as they were the first ones to try to conquer the hill since the big snowfall. They finally used teamwork to get that one big push.

Calen Angelo Verga is the Assistant Director at the Youth Center: He said his group would not give up in getting a fast, smooth ride before they left.

"I give it a couple more times today and I suppose it will be easier. Yes, you still have to pack down that snow, right?"

There is a nice looking sledding hill in Union City. It's located at the intersection of Willow and East Streets. It has been very popular since the big snowfall of early this week. The hill was packed down and conditions were fast. During ‘The Last Word’ tour of sledding hills, it gave the best ride in the county.