Doug Yaple's Vacuum Cleaner Centers, the more than 60 year old Erie business has grown during this pandemic, but the foundation remains -- sales and service for all your vacuum needs.

Doug Yaple has been helping customers pick out vacuums for decades at his store located on East 38th street. A business started by Doug's parents, Wellie and Ida, in the late 1950's after Wellie worked for the Hoover company in the Boston Store.

Wellie and Ida are always in view, and so are various priced vacuums for different needs and budgets. Antique vacuums are also on display dating back to the 1800's.

Service and repairs are done right in the back and estimates are always free. A trade Doug has perfected since childhood at several eastside locations over the years.

Just over a year ago, a new store opened off of West 12th Street servicing customers in the west Erie area. Doug's son Kyle runs this store, helping to carry on the family legacy.

Kyle sells and repairs as well. Both keep up with the trends, styles, and products, while helping new customers and catering to different spaces in 52 different makes and models, as the generations that run the business also continue to grow.

The father and son duo take pride in having two locally owned stores.

The second one opened up during this pandemic because Kyle says people were home more, cleaning more, prompting additional repairs and even, newer vacuums.