After last week's snowstorm forced Crawford County's only public pool to temporarily close, the Meadville Athletic Recreation Center is preparing to fix its damaged facility.

Last week, the heavy snowfall caused several large tears in the building's nylon roof.

Snow poured into the facility's locker rooms, forcing the complex to close its pool.

According to Meadville Recreation Authority Chairman Duane Koller, swim teams in the Meadville area are scrambling to find places to practice.

“The swim team had the option to go to Edinboro, but I guess that’s too far,’ said Koller. “At this point, the swim team isn’t able to have their meets.”

After speaking with an insurance agent, Koller says it's expected to cost nearly $250,000 to replace the building's outer shell, which is $70,000 more than what the MARC board expected.

“There was talk, lets tear it all off and build a permanent roof on,” said Koller. “That would have to require rebuilding the walls, because the walls aren't strong enough to hold a permanent roof, so you go from $250,000 to well over $1 million, so that's a whole different thing.”

Koller says he hopes to have the pool building up and running by April 1.

The board will meet at 8 a.m. on Friday to determine their next move.

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