The winter storms we've experienced have caused disruptions, despair and depression for many people.  In fact, an incident with a snow plow even threatened the livelihood of a man in Warren County.  However, government officials in his hometown refused to let that happen.

The citizen, Fred Sivi, delivers the morning newspaper to about 100 customers in Youngsville.  Fred doesn't drive. He makes the deliveries on his bicycle, his only mode of transportation.   Fred's work day starts at 5 a.m.   On the Monday of MLK Day, when the area was pounded with snow, Fred was out there making deliveries.

"It's a little dangerous out there with no roads being plowed yet.  You make your own path. Sometimes sidewalks never have been shoveled or cleared out by the residents around here.  So I had no choice but to park my bike on the side of the street,” he said.

Fred parked his bike on East Main Street and walked up to a couple porches.  While he was making his deliveries, a Youngsville plow driver did not see the bike and ran it over.  Fred's mom and sister both called the borough offices to report the damage.  Wendy Wilcox, Youngsville Borough Manager, sees Fred all the time on his bike.  She wanted to help immediately with no government red tape getting in the way.

"He's a very hard working individual. You see him on his bike quite frequently running errands for his mother. So we wanted to replace that bike because he uses it for his paper route and things,” said Wilcox.

It wasn't just the borough manager that wanted to help Fred immediately. Police Chief Todd Mineweaser also took an interest in the situation. 

"We know everybody likes their morning newspaper on time and it's hard to find delivery guys and he's a worker.  So, we were like 'We can make it right,” says Mineweaser.

Mineweaser called Jason Peters, the police chief in Conewango Township who put him in touch with a good neighbor in that community...Walmart.  The Walmart donated a brand new bicycle for Fred to make his deliveries.  It took only one day since the snow plow incident for Fred to have his new bike.

"I saw a Borough truck and a guy driving and talking.  He said 'I got a surprise for you.  We got you a new bike.’  So I was surprised.  I was thinking, 'Wow, this is cool,” said Fred.

"That's why I like Youngsville,” says Chief Mineweaser.  “It's a small community. It's a big family and we look out for each other."