One of the best things about having your own office space is that you can decorate it however you like. You can put up nice artwork or pictures of people or places that make you feel good during the work day.

Well, there is an office in Erie with a decor that you have to say is unique.  It takes you into a whole other world. It’s the office of John Skladanowski.  He's the client manager at Allied Universal Security in Erie.  On the walls is his world.  A 19th century science-fiction world he created with his mind and his hands.

"This is Goblin's Notch.  I set it up that in the 1870s Britain put men on the moon and in 1906 my main character, Malcolm 'Musketball' McCabe, went to the moon with the British Marines and was stationed in Goblin's Notch near the Sea of Crisis,” explained John.  

A picture of McCabe has a prominent place behind John's desk.  On every wall are the characters McCabe encountered during his assignment on the moon...  Goblins, Witches of Broom Hitch Hollow, and assorted aliens.

"It's fun because I can make up stories about each character and each one is its own little book, a little story about who they are and where they lived in the Notch,” says John.

John not only has a creative imagination. He's also skilled with his hands. He designed and molded all the characters on the walls. He also designed moonships used by McCabe and his comrades.  John uses materials he finds just about anywhere. He likes to show off some skeleton hands that are also mounted on the office walls.

"These are Party City salad tongs," he said.  "I'm probably going to make a few more because I like the way they turned out.  They have a real neat aspect to them."

It’s is a wonderful atmosphere for John, but it is an office where clients visit. Do any of them feel it may be a little strange? 

"I hope I don't scare them with my thought pattern, but I like the unique aspect of what I do,” says John. “It keeps me from going insane."