No matter the weather, there's a place in Erie County where you can take a walk, enjoy nature outside, and a nature center inside.

Originally called "Asbury Farm," the land that is now known as Asbury Woods was donated in 1957 by Otto Behrend, to the Millcreek School District for education and recreation.

Executive Director Jennifer Fararr, explains how things changed in 2016. That's when the Asbury Woods partnership purchased the grounds.

"With the purchase by the nonprofit, we've been able to expand our program, expand our staffing, and make what the students in Millcreek have been benefiting from for decades, Fararr said. "Now make that available to all students in the entire community."

Asbury woods is a great place for out-of-classroom learning.

"We have school visits from September, all the way thru May. And that is a set curriculum. The schools tell us what they are working on, and we come and provide hands on, hopefully outdoor education, as long as the weather cooperates with us," said Fararr.

Aside from school districts, Asbury Woods also connects with home schooled families.

Asbury Woods is the perfect place for enjoying the several species on site in the exhibits and clinics, or rentals for cross country ski and snowshoeing.

The center and grounds is also a haven for the public, with yearly events like the lighting of the boardwalk, wine in the woods, and numerous programs for the general public. Some are free, and those that cost a fee help support and maintain Asbury Woods, along with other earned revenue, like the renting of rooms, gift shop purchases, and donations.

"From the boardwalk to the pavilions in the back, there's 205 acres Asbury Woods has been operating with, but the partnership recently purchased 11 more for a total of 216 acres," Fararr said.

More space to appreciate nature, for generations of families to enjoy.

There are more than 400 volunteers that help out at Asbury Woods.

It's full of priceless moments for families and students; some who had field trips there from kindergarten through 8th grade.