What began as a passion for popcorn, is now a poppin' business. 

Heidi Bemiss opened the Original Popcorn House in 2019 in Erie's Colony Plaza, after her family decided to make their love of popcorn something for all to enjoy.

Recipes were researched to create the caliber of product for customers, with 25 to 30 flavors offered each day. 

Ken Kujkowski is the operations manager, also known as the popcorn maker. He's learned the art of making gourmet popcorn, starting with real ingredients. 

"It's a matter of not just picking any type of ingredients out there, but the best ingredients out there. For instance, chocolate can be cheap anywhere, but we choose Belgian chocolate which gives a much higher quality," said Kujkowski.

There's sweet, spicy, cheesy, and even cereal-based popcorn. Each are gluten-free and some are vegan, but all can be packed to your liking.

"We have done a lot of different events over the years, and we can either accommodate colors for the event or just provide our traditional, delicious flavors," said Bemiss.

The Original Popcorn House also works with other local businesses. Courtyard Winery in Northeast has a wine and popcorn pairing.

Aside from popcorn, there are other sweet treats on display and available.

Popcorn sundaes are also on the menu, a blend of ice cream and your favorite popcorn pick.

A place for all ages to enjoy, and pictures of everyone who visits are proudly displayed in this locally owned franchise shop.

There's only a handful of Original Popcorn House locations in the nation. 

The local family and the popcorn maker come up with the flavors. Customer recommendations or made-to-order flavors can be done too. 

Be on the lookout for special St. Patrick's Day popcorn.