With warmer weather in the forecast, and the spring season just weeks away, many of you might be making plans to embrace the nice weather outside.

If you like to walk, and you enjoy food, why not book an Erie Food Tour?

Local teacher, Kelly Karns wants to share a walking experience with food lovers.

Karns founded Erie Food Tours in 2015. She's been a fan of them in other cities, and was challenged to start one in her own hometown.

Challenge accepted.

"It's really a mix. That's what a food tour is meant to be. Just being very diverse," said Karns. "It doesn't necessarily lay out in the appetizer, main course, dessert format, but it really is just whatever the restaurant wants to highlight that they are really really great at."

El Amigo along State Street in downtown Erie is one of the restaurants on board. Owner David Saldana says he enjoys meeting the local and out of town visitors.

Other Erie downtown establishments include a stop at Stevo's Pizza, "Like My Thai," The Brewerie at Union Station, Room 33, Voodoo Brewery, and Ye Ole Sweet Shoppe for a last stop sweet of choice.

There are three total tours for groups starting with two or more people:

  • The Original Erie Food Tour on Saturdays
  • The Happy Appy Tour Wednesday nights with food and drinks at each spot
  • Sunday Brunch Tour in North East, covering everything from coffee, to lunch, a winery, and dessert donuts

All the tour guides are teachers, helping to serve up a little history, and a delicious experience.

People have come with kids in strollers, even others on mobility scooters.

Karns says any dietary restrictions can be noted on the forms when registering for Erie Food Tours tickets. Here is a link to the website: