It's a calming atmosphere that welcomes clients into Sacred Divine Femininity, a locally-owned business by Shawntá Pulliam-Brown, a board certified natural wellness practitioner, and certified natural health practitioner.

The pandemic prompted the business to open off Richmond Street in Erie .

Shawntá started making making natural immunity boosters at home and wanted to use her knowledge to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

She also provides the ancient practice known as "yoni steam," a cleansing method using a pot with steam that seeps up under a chair, and it's filled with herbs, personalized for every person.

"I felt relieved, I felt self-love, I felt spiritual," said Alisha Thompson one of Shawntá's customers.

Alicias husband is also a client.

""I'm a diabetic so, that's one of the things I wanted to find out about. How to use less medicine, and let my body do what its supposed to do on its own," said Alisha's husband, Shawn.

He had a natural health consultation, another service offered at the Erie business.

But that's not all Shawntá can provide to people.

She's also a certified birth doula, helping bring babies into the world after closely working with expectant moms on the pregnancy journey, and whomever else wants to holistically achieve optimal health.