An Erie City Councilman is calling on fellow council members to address youth violence 

In response to Tuesday’s shooting at Erie High School, Erie City Councilman Ed Brzezinski announced Wednesday he will push for the creation of a new task force. 

“There’s no right way to do the wrong thing,” said Brzezinski.  “Until we have a clean street that people can walk down and not worry, we don’t have anything.  

Council members have already approved $14 million in American Rescue Plan funds for the Erie Police Department. 

Brzezinski is asking council members to use a portion of those funds to form the new group.  

Brzezinski says the task force would be made up of 10 to 12 retired police officers, who would be paid through a stipend. 

“There are retired policemen, state policemen, and even FBI agents who are living in Erie,” said Brzezinski.  “We could get them involved.  We wouldn’t have to pay them all the benefits.  We could pay them a stipend for five years, which some of the board members were concerned that if we hire police, the money will go away in five years and we’d have to cut them.” 

The plan is still in the early stages, but Brzezinski says council should act fast to prevent any other cases of violence. 

"Hopefully, I can get people behind this and get a task force really up and running and get the guns off the street, get the kids in school,” said Brzezinski .  “Let’s get our city back to what we want it to be." 

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