WASHINGTON, D.C. - Following Tuesday’s shooting at Erie High School which left one person injured, Democratic Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) said members of congress need to advocate for more gun control measures to stop school shootings.  

On Tuesday morning, Erie High School students told us they heard several gun shots go off inside school. One student was injured. Soon after, police rushed in. Cell phone video captured officers making sweeps in the classroom. The next day, police said the juvenile suspect turned himself in but details are limited and its still unclear how the student got the gun.  

Congressman Mike Kelly’s (R- PA) district includes Erie. We’ve asked for an interview but his spokesperson said since the suspect is now in custody, they’re unsure how much more the congressman can discuss right now because it's a legal issue. Kelly did release a statement on social media on the day of the shooting: 

My team and I are closely monitoring the shooting at Erie High School,” said Rep. Kelly on Facebook. “I am praying for the recovery of the individual who was shot and for all involved. Thank you to all of the brave first responders who rushed to the scene. My staff has already spoken to Superintendent Polito’s office to offer any assistance we can. The Erie community is strong, and together we will heal from this tragedy.” 

“It’s a terrible tragedy when we see a school shooting,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D- PA). 

Sen. Casey is frustrated congress hasn’t acted to prevent another shooting.  

“If we act on those measures: background checks and other common sense measures that are supported by 70, 80 percent of the American people, that reduces the likelihood of a school shooting, it reduces the likelihood of all kinds of shootings we’ve seen,” said Sen. Casey. “It isn't simply the gun control measures that have failed in the senate year after year, we can also do preventative steps there’s all kinds of programs that have proven successful in places around the country: these are community violence interventions programs.” 

Casey hopes members of Pennsylvania's General Assembly will focus on legislation to address this.  

“I would hope that the leaders of the General Assembly would go to Governor Wolf and sit down and say lets work something out,” said Casey.