In Crawford County, the Center for Family Services will soon stop taking new applications for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. 

Over the past year, the rental assistance has been given to landlords to help cover the cost of rent and utilities. 

Since March of 2021, Crawford County has received nearly $10.8 million in rental assistance. 

The funds are distributed by the Center for Family Services and the Crawford County Human Services Department. 

Over the past year, nearly 1,700 people have applied for assistance. 

CFS Executive Director Jason Nesbitt says nearly $6 million in emergency funds have been distributed.  

“It's definitely served its purpose,” said Nesbitt.  “The piece now moving forward, is to make sure we create a sustainability plan for those who were receiving that, because as a lot of us know, utilities, everything has gone up." 

In order to avoid running out of the remaining funds, the organization has decided to place the program on hold.  

“We just want to make sure that with the funding that we have available, we're able to help the individuals who have their applications in,” said Nesbitt.  “We don't want someone to get an application in, and be told sorry, that funding is no longer there.” 

Renters who are having a difficult time making ends meet, are encouraged to utilize the other housing programs offered through the county. 

“We don't want people left out there wondering what to do once the money is gone,” said Crawford County Human Services Director Sue Watkins.  “We want people to know there are other housing services and other services in the county that can help." 

With April 29, being the application deadline, Nesbitt urges those who apply to make sure that their application is actually completed.   

Otherwise, it will not be processed.