The U.S. Forest Service plans to conduct two prescribed fire in Allegheny National Forest on Friday and Saturday in Warren County, it announced Thursday.

Friday’s burn will be adjacent to the Buckaloons Recreation Area and Saturday’s will be in the Izenbrown Project Area near Limestone Township.

Ignitions are planned to begin mid-morning, and smoke may be visible throughout each day.

The Buckaloons Prescribed Fire will restore warm-season grasses on the largest grassland in the forest, which is managed in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to improve habitat for birds.

The Izenbrown Corners Prescribed Fire has two objectives. The first is to reduce the amount of hazardous fuels in the area, which, when left unburned, can lead to uncontrolled wildfires that could threaten human life and property. The second is to regenerate oak-hickory woodland by reducing competing undesirable vegetation, recycling soil nutrients, and stimulating increased production of acorns, blueberries, blackberries, and other mast crops.

Prescribed fires are set with the safety of the public and firefighters in mind.