There is a community in West Erie County called Pont.  It's located a few miles from Albion and its history goes back to the early 1800s. 

People who traveled through the small community over the past 148 years have passed by a nice looking church.  However, people who live in Pont today are worried the church may not be standing much longer.

A sign was recently placed in front of the church revealing that the property was put up for an auction scheduled for May 18. The sign brought sadness and concern to most of the people in town.  The church has been closed for a couple of years.  However, most people in Pont look at the structure as a beloved landmark. They fear the successful bidder at the auction might decide to tear down the church.

Nancy Bernhardt lives on a farm across the street.

"Who knows how many lives this church has touched? How many funerals, weddings, all kinds of things?  I just pray that God gives a veil on this church that it will be saved,” she said.

Lillian Bateman, a resident of Pont, wrote a book about the community in 2007. The book reveals that the Pont United Brethren Church was built in 1874.  When the United Brethren Church left town in 1960, the Pont Community Church was organized.  It used the building until a few years ago. Things just wouldn't be the same without that church tower looking over the tiny village.

"It's been in the community for so many years, and so many people want it to stay,” says Nancy.

Nancy checked with State Representative Brad Roae to see if the church was listed as an historic landmark.  It isn't.  She went on social media to spread the word about the church in hopes that a sympathetic soul might bid on it at the auction.  Nancy wishes she could put in a bid.

"I really don't have the cash right now,” she said. “I was a nurse and I got COVID twice.  I really am not allowed to work.  Not anymore.  So my husband and I are living off of Social Security and we just don't have the funds."

The uncertainty about the church continues. However, there is breaking news on this story.  Yesterday, the sign advertising the May 18 auction was taken down and a notice was tacked to the church door saying the auction is postponed.  Apparently, there's a dispute over the ownership of the property and attorneys must settle that dispute before the church is sold.

We'll keep you posted on how this drama turns out.