WASHINGTON, D.C. - Pennsylvania’s primaries are one of the closely watched elections in the U.S. There are high stakes positions like Senator Pat Toomey’s (R- PA) seat up for grabs. Political analysts said both parties see Toomey’s seat as a win, but it could shape up to be a competitive election. 

The Senate is split right down the middle, so every seat matters, especially if the Republicans are looking to take back the majority in that chamber. According to political analysts, Republicans looking to win that seat in November is not a sure thing. 

The Republicans are expecting a wave election this time around, particularly in the House but the Senate is up for grabs of course it’s split 50/50,” said George Washington University Political Management Director, Todd Belt. “This looks like it could be a pickup for the Democrats which would make it even more difficult for the Republicans to pick up that one seat they need. Remember, the Republicans are also defending 25 other seats of the 36 seats that are up this time so they need to keep everyone that they can and chisel away one of those few Democratic seats that are left.” 

It’s a very crowded primary for the open U.S. Senate seat, especially for Republicans trying to get on November’s ballot. The Senate is crucial for nominating judges, so come November, Dems and Republicans want to secure as many seats as they can in the Senate.