May 20 marks the unofficial start to the growing season, so we checked in with Josh Skarzenski of Stan's Garden Center to see how the growing season is going.

“We are just a little behind because of a slow start in April, but I aspire for us to match the record year ever... We checked with other garden centers in the area, and they are definitely catching up to the slow April,” Skarzenski says.

The speed of sales this week tells Skarzenski that most people are ready for the start of the growing season, but his general rule of thumb is Memorial Day.

We still have one more weekend before memorial day, which is when we say put the gas pedal down, put everything in,” he explains, “but I think that trend has already started seeing the amount of material leaving this week.”

Though gardeners are ready for the growing season, Mother Nature can still mix things up with frost advisories.

You can be prepared in case we see another frost before Memorial Day weekend.

If you have tender material, cover it up. Even run a sprinkler very lightly over the evening, just to keep the dreaded white stuff off of them, and they'll fare that cold night.”

Skarzenski also says that the pandemic has brought in new gardeners and first-time homeowners. And the Stan's Garden Center staff has lots of advice on where, when, and what to plant. The experts there can even help people who don’t necessarily have a “green thumb.”