The City of Erie's ongoing battle against blight is gaining momentum.

The Erie Land Bank has acquired another 19 blighted properties.

Now, a total of 12 of those properties will be demolished.

Meanwhile, the City of Erie is using $15 million from American Rescue Plan funds to revitalize and demolish blighted homes along with other housing initiatives.

By addressing these eyesores, Aaron Snippert of the Erie Redevelopment Authority says it will create new opportunities for investment in Erie.

"Blight is a substantial issue," said Snippert. "It's growing everyday. We estimate through the work of the City of Erie's planning department, there's over 500 vacant, abandoned and dilapidated properties throughout the City of Erie. We're constantly working on it and trying to get ahead of it."

To date, the Erie Land Bank has acquired 60 blighted properties. You can learn more about the properties here.