Crawford County Commissioners are asking for the public to weigh in on internet improvements throughout the county.

A five-question survey is now available online here.

"The survey asks you where you live, how good your internet is, and how much you're willing to pay for internet," said Crawford County Commissioner Eric Henry. "It's important for us because other options we have are quite costly. We want to see where that falls."

The survey also has an optional internet speed check.

Feedback from the survey will be used to help the commissioners pinpoint the areas with limited or no access to high-speed internet.

"It's a huge county and we know there are some areas, from what information we have now, that are not covered," said Crawford County Commissioner Francis Weiderspahn. "The internet---with this survey---we'll hopefully be able to target those areas like we've been saying that need the most help and concentrate those dollars there."

The commissioners have pledged $3 million from the county's portion of American Rescue Plan funds to improve broadband throughout Crawford County, which is critical for schools, businesses, farmers, and first responders.

"There are people in our county who need medical equipment like a CPAP machine or a heart monitor, and they can't get those pieces of equipment because they are tied directly into the internet so that the medical professionals can monitor how they are doing," said Crawford County Commissioner Christopher Soff. "If they don't have good service, or any service at all, then they can't get those needed medical pieces of equipment."

The survey is going to be sent out to all the schools and major employers throughout Crawford County over the next several weeks.
Hard copies of it can be picked up at the courthouse planning office.