Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of your car and then just let loose and see how fast you can go?  Well, you actually can do that twice a year in Corry.  Drag races are held at the municipal airport and just about anyone can participate. 

The races have been held on the airport runway for the past two years as a way to raise money for airport upkeep and equipment.  The races began after some Corry businessmen reached out to Gary Dietz and Curt Utegg, of C&G Drag Racing,  to handle the arrangements.  It’s been successful. It's not unusual to have about 100 drivers and 600 spectators show up on race day.

"We have room to grow and the more that show up the better off it is for the airport,” says Dietz.

What makes the Corry drag racing extra fun is that a great majority of the drivers are not professionals, and the vehicles are the same as you would see cruising up the street or parked at a supermarket.  Last Sunday. a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV was on the starting line.  It roared down the airport runway with a Pennsylvania license plate on its bumper, Pittsburgh Steeler decals on the windows, and a trailer hitch. 

Brian Mercer, of Emporium, came to Corry to race his pickup truck.

"Oh, I think it's awesome.  We get to come out here and test our vehicles out and have fun,” he said.

Anyone who wants to race pays a $25 fee and their vehicle must pass a safety inspection.   They can race as many times as they want.  You can finish one race and then line up for another.  You can challenge any driver you want.   There's Mustang versus Mustang.  Mustang versus GTO.  Big blue sedan versus little green sports car.

"We just pair up with whoever you want to go with and have fun,” said Tim Dorsett of Warren.

"It's pretty laid back.  We try to really help anybody that's never done it and make them understand what they're doing as far as racing,” says Utegg.

Diane Pondel came to the airport from Columbus, PA.  Her bright yellow Camaro looks like it was built for the drag strip.

"No, it's just regular stock,” she said. “But it does go. It really does go. It's a lot of fun to drive."

Drivers and spectators say it's a thrill to hear the roar of the engine and the squealing of tires at the starting line. But now there's electric cars that show up at the airport drag strip to race.  No need to cover your ears for those races.

The first of the two drag racing events at the Corry Airport was held last Sunday.  The next event will be held on Sunday, August 21.   For information on how to enter, log onto the event's Facebook page, 'Airport Drags at Corry Lawrence.'