Individuals develop PTSD, after experiencing or witnessing a life threatening event.

This month showcases a number of campaigns to benefit survivors.

It's normal for people to feel on edge or have trouble sleeping.

Veteran Tim Schafer served in Vietnam and has awful reminders of what he witnessed.

He told Erie News Now, "I play music all night and I have to take pills to get to sleep, it's something you think about every day."

There is some new research, education and treatment related to PTSD.

"We have education and trauma enforced work shops for family members, friends and caregivers of our Veterans", Anne Rill of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs told Erie News Now. 

Some of the symptoms of PTSD include, Mood swings, anger, avoiding people, places and things. 

For anyone seeking help, call the Veterans Affairs Behavioral Health Clinic, at 814-860-2038.