"For three months, every day, every patrol got ambushed." The thoughts of a local Veteran, Jason Stewart.

Facing adversity on a regular basis in Vietnam was nothing new for Jason Stewart.

He spent three years in the military, serving as a Navy Corpsman.

Stewart fulfilled a critical role, assisting in a wide range of departments and procedures.

He told Erie News Now, "you basically take care of hundreds of people and you wonder, when its it my turn. There are some turning points, when you hit the fork in the road and it takes a toll on the rest of your life."

The toughest part for Stewart, watching fellow soldiers, his friends, die in combat.

"The worst enemy is right here, I lay down at night and it's on your mind. You wake up the next morning and it's on your mind. You don't know if you are going to live or die and these are things you have to deal with."

After his tour was finished, Stewart moved to California and worked for TRW, an Aerospace Company.

He retired after 29 years and moved back to Waterford, Pa.