Some children want to grow up to be a police officer, maybe a firefighter, or even a professional athlete.  There are other kids who want to grow up to do something completely different.  Sometimes their dreams actually come true.

Stacey Jensen is the driver of a monster truck called 'Identity Theft.'  As a child, he was like most of the kids who watch him perform today.  He wanted to get behind the wheel of a monster truck, make it fly off a dirt ramp, and crash into some junk cars below.

"I never stopped the dream,” says Stacey. “I went to school, did all my stuff and I never gave up the dream to get into this position."

Stacey obtained his love of monster trucks when he was a kid.  He helped his dad lay the dirt mounds on the track when the monster truck show came to his hometown in Idaho.  What is it about these vehicles that mesmerized Stacey and continues to leave children in awe?

"The size of them,” he says.  “Being a little kid that's 2 or 3 feet tall standing against a tire that's 6 feet tall and a truck that's 12 feet tall.  Jumping through the air.  The loudness."   

Kids line up to talk with Stacey at every stop.  They tell him about their desire to someday drive a monster truck.  He has the same response for all of them.

"I sign autographs all the time.  They always say they want to grow up to do it.  I just tell them, 'Don't ever give that dream up.  If you want it, work for it."  

The kids probably do not want to hear about the travel, the time spent away from home, and other work that goes into being a monster truck driver.  Stacey seldom thinks about it himself.  He's living the dream.

"Yes I am,” he said.  “I wouldn't change it for the world."

The All Star Monster Truck Show is appearing Friday and Saturday night at Lake Erie Speedway.  The action begins at 7:30 both nights.